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3 Things to Remember When Getting Wedding Dress Alterations Done

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Getting alterations done can be an exciting, but slightly stressful time. Read below for 3 things to remember when getting your wedding dress alterations done. This can apply to other alterations appointments also!

1. Make sure to bring the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day

If you happen to be wearing some sort of flat shoe for your wedding day, this tip won’t be *as* important (although you should still bring your shoes if you are wearing flats!) BUT if you have any sort of heel, you will absolutely want to bring those shoes to your alterations appointment! Which means you’ll want to have your wedding day shoes decided a few months in advance. If you were to forget to bring your shoes, it would make it a bit more difficult to know how much to hem on your wedding dress.

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2. Be sure to have all of your undergarments prior to your final fitting

Like the shoes tip, this will determine how much your dress needs to be altered. If you think you are not going to need any, but then later decide to buy some, be sure to have another fitting and to let your dress alterations person know as soon as possible!

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3. Be sure to being a trusted bridesmaid or friend to learn how to bustle your dress

If you have someone who is familiar with the different types of bustles, then you may not necessarily need someone to come to your appointment. But there are a few different bustles out there and you’ll want to make sure you have someone who is familiar enough. If you have a wedding coordinator, like me :), then you are in good hands! But, it doesn’t hurt to have someone for back up also.

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