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3 Things to Pack for your Photographer

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One of the first things photographers will (typically) do on the wedding day is to take photos of your wedding details! Before guests start arriving, and things get a little crazy, it’s best to do them right away to get ’em done. These photos are small parts of the wedding day that may not seem like a big deal, but the small parts are what make the day what it is!

Photo by Alyssa Sachs Photography

Here are 3 things to make sure you pack for your photographer on your wedding day!

Invitation Suite

The invitation suite is one of the first parts (besides the save the dates) that guests see of your wedding. This is the CORE part of your detail shots. Some couples spend a great amount of time researching invites. Where to get them done, what colors to use, how much to spend, etc. Not saying it’s more time consuming than choosing your venue, but it really sets the tone & theme of your wedding

Vow Books

Now not everyone writes their own vows – so this could easily be replaced with letters or notes written to each other instead. If you are writing your own vows & weren’t quite considering having vow books – they typically will hold up much better than a single piece of paper or some other form. Purchasing vow books ahead of time allows you time to write out your vows and they typically have ample amount of space so you don’t have to worry about that! Bringing these for your detail shots (if you choose to purchase) will also be a great core item for the photos

Ring Boxes

Last, but definitely not least, ring boxes. Not only are ring boxes a good idea for storing your rings in so they aren’t loose in someone’s pocket, they photographer so well! There are many different colors & styles you can buy. You definitely don’t need to splurge if you want to – but ring boxes are a great keepsake as well!

There are many more items you can pack for your photographer, so don’t be afraid to ask your photographer or wedding planner!

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