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Minnesota Wedding Content Creator



As a Minnesota Wedding Content Creator myself, today I’m talking to you about the newest and hottest wedding vendor – a wedding content creator!

What is a wedding content creator?

Simply put; a wedding content creator is someone who captures candid, in-between moments of your wedding day. They work alongside your photo/video team and capture moments throughout the day! Typically they are not posing you, as they leave that to the photo/video team unless there is a certain moment they want captured OR they are doing a tiktok/reel trend with you!

Wedding content creators use their iPhone to capture all their content and typically deliver all the photos/videos within 24-48 hours of your wedding day. This allows you to relive your special day over and over while waiting for your professional photos + video to be finished! You can learn more about what a wedding content creator is here as well!

How I Discovered Wedding Content Creation

Late last summer I was scrolling through reels on Instagram when I came across a reel that was describing what wedding content creation is. I was very intrigued and continued to research about it for awhile. I had NEVER heard of wedding content creation until this reel and I absolutely loved the idea! As a wedding planner/coordinator, I always try to get as much behind the scenes photos/videos as I can throughout the wedding day for my couples – especially those that don’t have a videographer!

From there I decided to add on content creation as a service and booked our first 2024 content creation + coordination couple just a few weeks later. Our content creation package can be booked alone, or alongside our planning + coordination packages. Our content creation is not just limited to weddings either! Rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, engagement shoots – pretty much anything you’d like content for!

Why book HME for our Minnesota Wedding Content Creator?

With having a few dozen weddings under my belt with wedding planning/coordinating, I already have a great understanding of how a wedding day works, the timeline, and to be sure to not get in the way of the photo/video team!! Kidding, but not kidding 🙂 That’s one concern with most wedding vendors with content creation being new – having the content creator get in the way. For the most part I am able to work to the side of the photo/video team to not disrupt the shots they are trying to get. I am passionate about capturing all the moments I wish I had from my wedding day!

Interested in our wedding content creation package or our planning/coordinating services? Contact us here today! We’d love to chat with you 🙂

Not located in Minnesota? We travel to Wisconsin and throughout the United States 🙂

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